Seen But Seldom Heard need you!

Last month, I wrote about how the Paralympians left us breathless with awe. Now, a group aided by Bournemouth University has used the Paralympic themes of Courage, Determination, Inspiration and Equality as jumping off points for Seen But Seldom Heard. This project uses poetry to explore the experience of disability and aspiration amongst a group of teenagers with disabilities. They are in the midst of producing a documentary, but have released this taster and want your comments to help edit the full documentary, which should be out by the end of the year. The Paralympic themes provide a solid foundation for the teenagers to voice their experiences without fear or judgement, and to express what they would like to see changed in society. Judging by the taster, the project has given space for some powerful messages to come to the fore already. At 3.46 minutes into the video, there is a beautiful shot of someone writing their poem and the words, half concealed, hint at something raw and untapped bubbling underneath. But if you want the full power of raw emotion, watch this young poet perform My Name is Jagdev Singh.

As Jonny Fluffypunk, one of the performance poets working with the group, says, “It’s beautiful what human beings can do regardless of perceived setbacks.”

Please forward this link to anyone you know in broadcasting, and help give this documentary the mainstream coverage it deserves.