My work spans the livelihoods, health, education and management sectors, mainly in global development, and my expertise lies in:

1) managing large communication hubs and diverse portfolios of books, journal articles and briefs, and promoting these to international audiences using strategic communication plans;

2) using creative methods, such as writing creative non-fiction books and ebooks, recording podcasts and audiobooks, and creating digital stories and infographics to share research to multiple audiences;

3) editing long and complex academic texts, and translating research using plain English techniques into lay summaries for different audiences via print and digital platforms;

4) training researchers to write policy and research briefs, and lay summaries of their research;

5) analysing and writing up qualitative research;

6) designing and evaluating training modules, including distance learning modules;

7) designing open and accessible digital channels for research institutions and programmes to share their research findings; and

8) advocacy for use of open access models in the Global South.

Find out more about me over at my LinkedIn page.