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And here are some good eggs:

I recommend Dru, Jonathan and Vince because I have found them to be ethical, kind, professional and ace at their jobs.

Dru Riches-Magnier - the best web developer around. I worked very closely with Dru for 6 years developing a research consortium website in my last job.

Jonathan Turner - a very talented photographer. I’ve worked with Jonathan for around 15 years and he’s another good egg. He can make you look 10 years younger (well, maybe around 7 years, the rest is down to your nutritional intake). He took all my headshots and website photos (and my wedding photos).

Vince Rohde - a thoroughly decent chap who is also a talented graphic designer and branding bod. All things Nordic. I first started working with Vince 25 years ago on marketing literature and technical guides and we have supported each other ever since.