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@TalkingEvidence is the researchy, commsy, training and open access consultancy arm of my work. My work spans the livelihoods, health, education and management sectors, mainly in global development, and my expertise lies in working with researchers to share their research evidence and impact, which includes delivering training.

My podcast where I blarp on about commsy stuff. Aimed at comms people working in low resource settings, ie either small charities and community groups and/or those working in low- and middle-income countries:

Here’s my most recent presentation on open access challenges in the Global South. You can view more presentations on my YouTube channel:

In this podcast, I talk about NEWSLETTERS and give a shout-out to STRIVE research consortium for their use of enewsletters.

I also talk about my experiences of using Shutterstock, Pixabay, Canva and Mailchimp.

Is Open Research really changing the world?

Much research claims to benefit communities globally but are research outputs really available to everyone, even if they are made open access?

I had the privilege of being asked to deliver a presentation at Cambridge University's Festival of Ideas (October 2018).



My expertise

1) managing large communication hubs and diverse portfolios of books, journal articles and briefs, and promoting these to international audiences using strategic communication plans;

2) using creative methods, such as writing creative non-fiction books and ebooks, recording podcasts and audiobooks, and creating digital stories and infographics to share research to multiple audiences;

3) editing long and complex academic texts, and translating research using plain English techniques into lay summaries for different audiences via print and digital platforms;

4) training researchers to write policy and research briefs, and lay summaries of their research;

5) analysing and writing up qualitative research;

6) designing and evaluating training modules, including distance learning modules;

7) designing open and accessible digital channels for research institutions and programmes to share their research findings; and

8) advocacy for use of open access models in the Global South.

Examples of research and training work. Check out my portfolio too…

Training material

I train others in using plain English language techniques to share their research evidence. This handout was produced for Authoraid’s Communicating Research Outside Academia, a distance learning course aimed at researchers in low- and middle-income countries. I designed similar material for the recent courses I delivered at FORCE11 (San Diego, 2018) and the Health Systems Global (Liverpool, 2018) conferences.

Health reporting in The Kathmandu Post

This research analyses the discourse used by The Kathmandu Post when reporting on health issues over 12 months. It highlights 4 themes that dominate how health is reported and recommends extending the research to encompass all English and Nepali language newspapers. It also recommends investing in training local journalists to access, check and interpret research evidence.

KP front cover2.png

The Living Library

A writing residency with a twist, where I lift the lid on the experiences of library members and what the library means for them. The project involved interviews with staff and library members across Kirklees Library Service. This resulted in a response to a government consultation, blogs, live readings, and interviews. Have a wee look at the outputs here.