Bye bye Borders

In the last week, we've walked away with 4 carrier bags of books from Borders (£200 is nothing for a family of bookworms) before they finally padlock the doors. We've watched the shelves of Borders get picked dry by people, like ourselves, eager for a bargain on every type of book imaginable. Slowly, the stock has dwindled and the empty shelves and sections have been cordoned off. Over the weeks, piles of books will appear under Christmas trees, in office raffles and as Secret Santas. The cycle of death and rebirth continues; as we mourn the loss of a big name bookstore on the high street, maybe a new generation of book lovers will be born over the festive season. Soon they will hunger for more books and scurry to far corners to find small independent book havens. Death and then rebirth, as the cycle continues. Bye bye Borders, hello local and independent bookstores. Please support yours.